Coherence in Business, Information, Data and Technology people centered

Our services

Digital Transformation

Manage and advize to fundamentally innovate based on a clear vision, goal-oriented and practical. Bringing business operations, information, data and technology together. Scalable organization and information setup.

Coaching talents

Coaching, guiding, educating and training talents. Young and old. Experiential learning, acquiring knowledge, skills in communication and information. Insourcing or through hiring and secondment.

Change management

Driving data-driven change. Supervise and implement this in a result-oriented manner. Motivate and enthuse people. Bringing employees and managers into their 





Meta data modelling

Organizational and language analysis; words (content + context = meaning). 100% transparent knowledge, governance and compliance. Effective and efficient information interoperability. Permanent pleasure in work and understanding each other and systems.

Sparking innovation

Bringing creativity into the organization. Realize innovation in communication, knowledge, products and services, processes, information, data and IT. We facilitate innovation and organize the data-driven digital transformation people centered.

Organization and Information architecture

Realize model-based coherence in your organization, business operations, processes, information, document, data, application and IT management. Daring to dream, think and act data-driven and data-centric.


Software development

Initiating and organizing software development. Component-based live cycle; analysis, design, realize and release management. Via outsourcing, in-house or in a separate entity.